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Telling the Story of Saving Lives

Parexel is a full-service biopharmaceutical services company and global contract research organization (CRO). They help improve the world’s health through clinical trials, regulatory consulting, medical communications and data sciences.

It’s probably easy to see what they might offer for your career if you have a scientific background. But for everyone else, how can they illustrate why a candidate should come work for Parexel?

Like most large companies, their benefits are extremely competitive, but it’s really about the mission – the cause.

In a very real way, everyone who works at Parexel – whether in clinical trials, software, statistics or finance – is in the business of saving lives.

To understand this fully, you can’t do much better than this video:

But how do you get this message in front of your jobseekers? An interested candidate would be willing to watch a 1:09 video. A casual candidate likely would not.

To give that message of heart a chance to be seen, Parexel needed to a) focus on the patients, and b) condense the message into smaller bits and bytes. See Tina’s story here:

“By sharing authentic content like Tina’s patient story, we attract candidates who connect with our company values and are thereby a better fit. We want to speak to the needs of job seekers – giving them the opportunity to feel connected to the company as well as see possibilities for their contribution and growth,” explains Jana Luitjens, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Parexel.

Once the message is easily digestible to the passive candidate, it needs to be inserted into the candidate flow.

Of course, that means being highlighted on the careers site:

However, like most companies, visitors to the careers site often land directly on a specific job opportunity. If the message isn’t on the job description itself, it may not be seen at all.

Therefore, inclusion on the job page is essential:

Finally, while disseminating this content throughout the careers site is crucial, Parexel takes it a step beyond. Just as job postings, sponsorships and SEO are critical for getting candidates to see your jobs, social and other traffic driving strategies should be leveraged to get jobseekers to your content.

Jana shares stories like Tina’s via their Employee Advocacy Program, a Recruitment Marketing Newsletter, and on social media, which regularly delivers big spikes in page visits to the careers site.

Here is the LinkedIn post highlighting Jana’s story:

“Each time we reach out to our global employees for testimonials, the commitment to our core ‘we care’ values is deeply apparent,” concludes Jackie deBettencourt, Manager, Global Recruitment Marketing for Parexel.

“From technical and administrative roles to the scientific and consulting side, everyone is fully engaged in our greater mission to put patients first. Our TalentBrew platform gives us the ability to share these stories in visual and meaningful ways.”

For Parexel, it’s all about heart. And through TalentBrew, they can put that heart front and center for candidates who may be undecided. The result is to capture the interest of candidates with similar values. Candidates with similar values means candidates who support the mission. That’s what company culture is all about.

To learn more about Parexel’s mission, visit the Parexel TalentBrew Careers Site at: https://jobs.parexel.com/

Special thanks to the Parexel Account Team at TMP:

  • Zia Kanner, Client Strategist
  • Ashley Chagnon, Account Director
  • Mary Alice Sosnoski, VP Client Services
  • Jenny Steinberg, Digital Strategist
  • Flannagh Fitzsimmons, Account Executive

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