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Architecting the Entire Candidate Journey

TMP is where companies go when they want to build a world-class personalized career site experience.

An Employer Branding Emerald City, if you will.

To arbiters of great web content, it’s pretty clear: go to the Internet Advertising Competition and select ‘Employment’ as the category for the 2020 winners, and you’ll see our name multiple times. We were also recognized as honorees at this year’s Webby Awards.

And, of course, that employer branding expertise extends well beyond the career site, impacting the full spectrum of the candidate journey – from the attraction stage to inform to convert.

But what separates the creative solutions that TMP delivers for our clients from other similar works of marketing and branding is that they’re powered by data-informed technology – technology that automates and optimizes the talent acquisition strategy, message and execution and that is unique to the recruitment space.

These are just some of the many reasons why the career site landscape of the Fortune 100 is powered by our unified platform more than any other competitor – more than 3 times our closest competitor in that regard!

And every year, our data is enriched to the tune of:

  • Over 350 Million Career Site Visits
  • Over 950 Million Pages Viewed
  • Over 100 Million Apply Clicks

(Based on 2019 volumes)

All of this feeds the engine. But the engine is nothing without the people and technology that learn from it.

To understand how all of this impacts each step of the candidate journey, let’s walk through the journey of Johnny Jobseeker (a pretend person that I just made up) and how he found Perfect Company (a pretend TMP client I also just made up).

Obviously, each candidate’s experience is unique, so Johnny’s hypothetical journey is too. But it is a potential one – a realistic one – nonetheless.

As a certain good witch once said, “It’s always best to start at the beginning.”


Johnny’s interested in a new job. Whether Johnny is employed or not, whether his job search is urgent or not, he acts the same. He logs on, inputs a search query, and starts looking. Perhaps he’s just Googled jobs in his interest set, perhaps he knows about Indeed, perhaps he’s been inundated by ZipRecruiter ads on every podcast he listens to.

Regardless, he logs on and looks for a job.

Since Perfect Company has partnered with TMP and utilizes our Programmatic Recruitment AdTech, Johnny sees the job listing on a job site – just one of the hundreds of options that are reached through this enterprise like search, display, email, social, video and audio. And since the model is optimized by machine learning, proprietary bidding and budgeting, and end-to-end tracking, that job is sponsored at the right time, level, and way so that Johnny sees it because he is the perfect fit.


  • TMP Programmatic Jobs


When Johnny clicks on the Perfect Company job, he experiences something far beyond the average Applicant Tracking System (ATS) job – something far beyond even any other career site job he’s ever seen before!

He gets the full picture of what it’s like to work there. With just one click onto one of our Advanced Job Descriptions (AJD), he now understands…

  • Exactly what current and former employees think of Perfect Company (Glassdoor Review)
  • The soft skills that are crucial for the job, but not necessarily listed on the – always forever generic – Job Requisition (Success Profile)
  • Where this job opportunity could lead in the future (Career Path)
  • Additional context like company/department culture, company/department leadership, recent awards, employee spotlights, and much more (Related Content)
  • What the area is like – how long his commute will be, where the closest daycare is, nightlife, lunch options, Starbucks locations, and anything else he can imagine (Maps powered by Google)


  • TalentBrew Career Site
  • TalentBrew Advanced Job Descriptions


Unfortunately, that job at Perfect Company is not a perfect fit for Johnny. It’s the right field, but not the right level for someone of Johnny’s experience.

He likes the company, though. He learned a lot from looking at that AJD. And he’s really impressed that they went the extra mile to paint such a portrait of what it’s like to work there.

But ultimately, the ruby slipper didn’t quite fit, so he opts out. He does not apply. He goes about his business.

Life goes on…

A couple weeks later, he’s online, catching up on the news, and there it is – a Perfect Company ad. He recognizes the look and feel, the font, the imagery.

TB 360 has delivered an ad to him that’s right in his interest set. He clicks again.


  • TB 360
  • Creative Development


This time he lands on the Career Site homepage. He recognizes it from his first time researching the company, but this time it’s different.

The site has been reconfigured – personalized – just for him. It’s gotten smarter via his last interactions – using machine learning to create a rich, branded experience through integrated content.

He’s learning even more about the company. He’s learning even more about this department. The work is compelling. Challenging. Rewarding.

He pictures himself there.

The ruby slipper is a better fit. But, alas, still not quite perfect.


  • TalentBrew Career Site
  • TalentBrew Personalization


Knowing that this Perfect Company holds plenty of potential for him, he resolves to stay abreast of their job openings.

He signs up. He inputs his name and email address into the data capture to be informed about future opportunities in this department.

When the right opportunity arises, he won’t hear about it through happenstance – he will know immediately, directly, personally.


  • TalentBrew Career Site
  • TalentBrew CRM


Weeks and months go by…

But Johnny’s interest doesn’t get stale. As a matter of fact, he’s more interested than ever. Since he opted in, he’s been getting emails from Perfect Company regularly.

Sometimes they’re direct messages about new employment opportunities.

Other times it’s about the other stuff – a charity drive…the recent industry awards they’ve won…their commitment to social responsibility…even a company picnic (with proper social distancing measures being adhered to, of course).

It’s the type of information he loved seeing on the AJD – just delivered to his inbox every couple weeks.

And then it happened…

The perfect opportunity.


  • TalentBrew CRM


Johnny could barely contain himself. Having been ready for weeks to apply at Perfect Company when the opportunity presented itself, he had his resume and credentials primed and ready to go.

As he clicked through each step, he was happy to notice how pleasant the visual experience was. It wasn’t the boxy, templated experience he had seen when applying for most jobs. It was the same look and feel found on Perfect Company’s Career Site.

The aesthetic made the process far less tedious.


  • TalentBrew Career Site
  • TalentBrew Apply


Needless to say, Johnny got the job.

Since all the targeted content he had received along the way was honest, genuine, and transparent, he never felt as though he was sold a bill of goods. And he knew exactly how his skills and experience aligned with the company’s mission, values, and goals.

It seemed like it was a good fit for him…because it was.

And he was a good fit for them.

He worked hard, and it benefited him, and it benefited the company.

But he remained curious. Other business lines and departments piqued his interest, and he opted in to hear about new opportunities.

Since Perfect Company had partnered with TMP, Johnny’s jobseeking experience internally was just as productive as it was externally.

There’s no place like home.


  • TalentBrew Internal Mobility

Hey look, the above is obviously an idealized bedtime story – an Employer Branded Nursery Rhyme, if you will.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Or, at least, potentially real.

Forget the perfect Happy Ending of all of it and just think about the average jobseeking experience…

Not all of them led to the perfect opportunity at Perfect Company.

But there’s the potential for positive experiences at every step on the way.

Johnny’s ultimately led to the Emerald City, even though there were stops and starts along the way – just like Dorothy, Toto, and friends.

But thankfully, the Yellow Brick Road was always there. Courtesy of TMP.

At TMP, we’re committed to delivering the talent acquisition results you deserve. Our unified platform intelligently connects you with the right talent across their entire journey. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

About Ian Nadeau

A 10+ year veteran of Radancy, Ian recently concluded 5 years of running the Boston office by shifting back to the Business Development team where he provides thought leadership and digital strategy expertise to both the team and prospective clients. As solutions architect for new client companies, Ian will diagnose complex challenges and prescribe precise programs to fulfill their specific needs, inclusive of employer brand, marketing/advertising, and, in particular, software and technology. When he’s not delivering solutions for our new clients, you can usually find him lost down a rabbit-hole of pro wrestling history online or getting bossed around by his dogs Larry & Leon.

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