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For Santander Bank, Candidate Experience Starts with Employees

When we think about the Talent Attraction ecosystem, it’s natural to start by thinking about your external audiences. But, just as Referrals are your best source of External Hires, your best overall source of Candidates is often Internal.

Santander Bank recognizes this.

When architecting their revamped Talent Attraction program, it was crucial to design individual and unique (but, of course, consistent) Careers Websites for their Internal and External Candidates.

“The biggest challenge was to create a single destination for any employee of any Santander entity within the US to learn about the opportunities available to them. That way, for example, a Bank employee, understood that their opportunities weren’t limited to just the Bank. Or, a Santander Consumer employee with just Santander Consumer opportunities, and so on and so forth. We wanted to stress the totality of opportunities across the family of companies,” explained Lisa Redmond, Santander’s Account Director at TMP Worldwide.

Externally, Santander needs to educate — tell the story of working there, depict the culture, illustrate the diverging job opportunities and departments and ultimately convert the convertible.

Internally, they need to address different concerns:

  • Am I eligible for internal mobility?
  • How can I be alerted to new opportunities?
  • What have other employees experienced?

This is achieved by creating different portals, distinct from the content featured on the external Careers Website:

And, since we live in a visual world, the more Santander can express in pictures, the greater impression it makes:

Finally, Santander knew that a new site launch was not enough to ensure adoption, so we partnered with Brazen to hold virtual career development events throughout the organization.

So far, Santander employees have embraced the site. The past quarter has seen more than 10,000 visitors to the site, and those visitors spend 40% more time on the site than their external candidates do.

“The level of engagement has been amazing,” reports Steve Nadel, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Operations. “Not only are we effectively filling critical job vacancies, but our team members appreciate the lengths to which we have gone to promote their internal mobility options. It’s a win for Talent Acquisition and a win for employee morale.”

Charity may start at Home, but Talent Acquisition should start at Work. Santander knows this and is reaping the benefits.

Visit the Santander TalentBrew Careers Site (external) at: https://jobs.santanderbank.com/

Special thanks to the Santander Account Team at TMP:

  • Lisa Redmond, Account Director
  • Jenny Steinberg, VP Client Strategy
  • Stephen Dix, Creative Director
  • Brianne Gump, Account Executive

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