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Capital One: Engaging Candidates in Times of Uncertainty

Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. See how we created a dynamic, branded experience through integrated content and self-service options customized to meet Capital One’s needs.

It goes without saying that we’re living in unprecedented times. We’re all stuck at home, mastering Zoom and doing what we can.

For some companies that means hiring freezes. For others, they need to hire more than ever.

Now…sure, you can increase your advertising or your PR. You could also try screaming from the rooftops. Or…you could inform. You can tell jobseekers about your current job opportunities but you can do a lot more than that. You can inform them about how to navigate these crazy times, like how to work from home, how to prepare for an interview and how to handle a virtual interview in particular.

Capital One has long believed in informing. In engaging. In helping. But, at times like these, that mindset is more important than ever.

Through their Careers Blog, Capital One talks about all these subjects and more:

Perhaps even more crucial, since their blog was built on TMP’s unified platform, they can act in real-time (utilizing our Self-Service option). However, there’s something else they can do that’s even more impactful.

Most job candidates don’t enter through the careers site home page (in this case, https://www.capitalonecareers.com/), they land on a jobs page. With our talent technology solutions, Capital One can deliver a rich, branded experience with integrated, customized content directly on the jobs page and only to relevant jobs.

For example:

Brand Ambassadors get this content:

Product Managers get this content:

Café Ambassadors get this content:

With this integration, Capital One can engage with their candidates on the path they’re already following ­­— embracing the path that exists while leaving breadcrumbs to further enlightenment.

“For Capital One, their ability to publish relevant content directly to their careers site has been a game-changer,” explains TMP Account Director Stephanie Mims. “Far more than most companies, they can get the right message out there at the right time and in the right place. And, because we’re linking that content to the appropriate jobs, it’s having the maximum impact on their candidate flow and candidate engagement.”

“While some content is responding to the needs of the day, COVID-19 candidate assistance and Virtual Interviewing, etc., and other content like location information and FAQs, were always part of the plan. So, our Self-Service solution allowed for reactional delivery, while not disrupting the overall future vision for the site.”

And it did so quickly, efficiently and effectively.

“The ability to pivot quickly and respond to changing needs has been critical to effectively supporting our talent communities,” says Amanda Miller of Capital One. “As we seek to support our candidates, associates and communities, as well as celebrate our associates who continue to lift each other up and give back, the flexibility of TMP’s unified platform, and specifically Self-Service, enables us to respond with the real-time speed we need.”

That’s how you communicate, engage and ultimately recruit in times of uncertainty.

See what Capital One has to offer by visiting their TalentBrew Careers Site at: https://www.capitalonecareers.com/ or go right to the blog at: https://www.capitalonecareers.com/blog.

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