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The Wolf Pack Effect: How Great Wolf Lodge Regionalizes Their Employer Brand Messaging

Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need. See how we created a rich, branded and customized experience to meet Great Wolf Lodge’s needs.

When it comes to message segmentation across your employer brand, there is a tendency towards thinking about job types…about seniority…about personas.

All are important considerations, of course, but what usually doesn’t get enough attention is regional considerations.

(Let’s take global regionalization off the table for the purposes of this conversation.)

Inside the U.S., yes, we are one nation, but there are borderline infinite realities within this proverbial melting pot.

And for companies that have regional stores/offices, the differences might be as stark in locations that are just a couple miles away as they are in locations a continent away.

Great Wolf Lodge is a perfect example of a company tackling such an issue – beloved by guests for their indoor water parks, growing throughout the nation, offering a wonderful employee experience throughout…but existing in 21 VERY different environments.

While the job opportunities are fairly consistent, the people, the communities, and the cultures across these locations create very distinct experiences.

Let’s take a look at how Great Wolf uses our unified platform to communicate those different experiences across different locations…

Oh, and I should mention here that each Great Wolf Lodge gets personified with its own unique ‘howl.’

Tatonka! (Traverse City, MI)

The 370 pack members at the Northern Michigan lodge work hard and play hard. They relish their wolf pack celebrations, a community built on mutual support and the synergies designed to make for an amazing employment experience and a tremendous guest experience.

The Mound! (Ground Mound, WA)

The Pacific Northwest lodge is in the hero business. Whether it’s guests howling down the Tornado, the Master Magi being knighted, or the team hosting a soldier’s welcome home celebration, everyone’s a hero here!

Fourteener! (Colorado Springs, CO)

For the Colorado Pack, it’s all about the numbers. The ‘Fourteeners’ – all 500 of them – command a lodge with a massive landscape, including 14,000-foot mountains and a 50,000-square-foot water park.

You can see for yourself all the different lodges, howls, photos and more by simply hitting the locations drop down on any page on their careers website:

But, as much as we might like it, many, many candidates do not follow the path of Careers Site > Location Information > Jobs.

Much more common is: Jobs site (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, NEXXT, Talroo, etc.) > Job > Applicant Tracking System (Taleo, Workday, iCIMS, Kenexa, etc.).

Thankfully, our platform configures itself for either journey.

Candidates perusing location information:

Candidates going jobs-first:

And, that’s how Great Wolf howls their truth!


To see what makes the candidates howl across all of Great Wolf Lodge’s locations, please visit: https://jobs.greatwolf.com/.

Special thanks to Mandy Calucin, the TMP Software Client Strategy Director who architected all of this howling truth!

At TMP, we’re committed to delivering the talent acquisition results you deserve. Our unified platform intelligently connects you with the right talent across their entire journey. Want to see what we can achieve together? Connect with us today.

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